Hey Everyone!

That’s our family there. Blake, Piper, Luca, and Dexter. Dexter is our 7’ neck giraffe. Now we know what you’re thinking! “Boy, a giraffe! That’s insane”. And you’re right, it is indeed insane. Because we’re totally kidding and glad you played along there. There’s no way we own a giraffe…. yet!

Piper is really a life long hobbyist. The term “jack of all trades” rang true to her at a young age and she enjoys picking up new things all the time.

Blake is a fatherhood advocate, family renowned chef, camera enthusiast, writer, and fitness lover. He was a packaged deal, with his Mini Bro, when he met Piper and she embraced both of them with amazingly loving arms.

We love documenting our adventures, sharing thoughts and ideas with you, and passing along our lessons learned to you guys. Be sure to check out our blog of written content, and of course our YouTube channel for the videos!



The fam!