Smile Direct Club - Does it work?

My Orthodontia History:

  • Age 1 - I knock out my front teeth while at daycare.
  • Age 6 & 7 - My adult front teeth grow in and they are HUGE. My orthodontia journey begins with a sparkly blue retainer. Awful choice
  • Age 8 - I upgrade my retainer to a glow the dark version. Much better
  • Age 10 - I get the braces I begged for because I thought they were cool. I was not cool in middle school
  • Age 12 - I get my braces off and learn how to use a flat iron. Much cooler now
  • Age 13 - I have a clear retainer that I eventually break in half and a permanent bottom bar that I also break. Unintentionally screwing myself
  • Age 17 - I get my wisdom teeth out and fail to shoot a funny video afterwards. Viral videos weren't a thing yet
  • Age 24 - Now… here we are. My teeth have shifted ever so slightly to really annoy me. Maybe it's the OCD


Most people that see my smile are surprised I care to fix it - "they look straight to me". Yes, if my teeth stayed how they are today I could live it with but the truth is they are shifting every year. I'd rather correct the problem now, at a relatively low cost, instead of kicking myself down the road with a snaggletooth.

As a responsible young adult, I spoke to my dentist about my concerns and he gave me a price quote for Invisalign - a whopping $6,000. "Oh but we will take off a 1K because of our special promotion this week".  That brings us to $5,000 which I know to be the average cost since doing my research prior to the appointment. This seems like a ridiculous amount of money for plastic trays but you do have to take into account the multiple office visits required.

So the research continued… and then… an interesting company found me on Pandora - Smile Direct Club. They promise to straighten and whiten your teeth with zero office visits since the trays are shipped directly to you. Here is the kicker - it is the fraction of the cost compared to Invisalign.

Is this too good to be true? Let's find out! I scanned the internet for first-hand experiences. I read through several helpful blogs but in this day and age I only trust what I can actually see. Thank god for YouTube - you can check out my video updates here.

After watching several videos I could not find anyone saying that the Smile Direct Club system didn't work or that it messed up their teeth. The only complaints I heard were about customer service or that it was painful - well duh it's painful. I also discovered most people had a similar dental history to my own. They had braces at one point but stupidly stopped wearing, lost or broke their retainer.

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I decided to go for it! Here is my timeline of my process so far:

  • 3/22/17 - I ordered the impression kit online with discount code for ~$50. No commitment at this point
  • 3/23/17 - The kit arrived and I completed four easy impressions. Dang, that was fast
  • 3/24/17 - I mailed out the impressions with my selection to pay all at once for $1,700. The alternative was $100 monthly payments for ~1,900 total
  • 3/31/17 - Email for $100 off my aligners once I apply a code. This brings my total cost down to $1,650.
  • 4/5/17 - Email confirmation that they received my impressions

Stay tuned.

For more info: Check out Smile Direct Club's website.